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2015 Bookseller Resource Guide
Contents Winter 2019

Trash to Treasure

By Deborah Burst

The rediscovery of David Peoples’ lost 1965 film about Moe’s Books

The Paper Trail

By Abigail Connick

Inside five National Park archives, libraries, and museums in the western U.S.

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2019 Collector’s Resource guide

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Book Illustrator Brings Arthurian Legend to Life

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Dmitry Sayenko’s artistic style rejuvenates this old tale for contemporary readers and collectors.

Gently Mad

Winslow Homer, Photographer

The famous artist experimented with a camera


Inscribed by a King

Charles I’s Faerie Queen

In View

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Picturing the Literati

The woman behind J. D. Salinger’s author photo

Beyond the Basics

A Born Americanist

In memoriam: William S. Reese

Fine Maps

Capturing the Moon

Stargazing with Galileo

In the Library

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A Quest for Illumination

Inside the Getty’s Three Faiths exhibition


Fantastic Beasts and Birds

A roundup of first editions, manuscripts, and fine art

On the Block

Abacus to IBM

The long, early history of computing

How I Got Started

Michigan Books

Collectors Larry and Priscilla Massie



Ai Weiwei on mythology, memory, and burned books

book: Carle’s Caterpillar

art: Sculpted books

object: Lord Byron’s ring


Dear Reader

Quotes & Comments