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2015 Bookseller Resource Guide
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(From the Fine Books blog)

In his latest exhibition Bookshelf File Cards, at the Leo Kamen Gallery in Toronto, Cliff Eyland “reengages his lifelong obsession with books and art by painting abstract images of books on shelves.” —Michael Lieberman

Richard Brathwaite. Ar’t asleepe husband? London, 1640. ©Folger Shakespeare Library

Video game company Electronic Arts announced a couple of months ago that it plans to make a video game version of Dante’s Inferno. —Chris Lowenstein

The standard brick and mortar general rare bookshop is, for the most part, alas, a thing of the past. The Internet is now the world's general rare book shop. —Stephen J. Gertz

Whatever your relationship to sleep, the latest exhibit at the Folger Shakespeare Library, To Sleep, Perchance to Dream, [through May 30] is worth staying awake for. —Michael Lieberman

Basbanes on Lincoln’s Grammar

What a splendid article about my favorite book! I'm making a print-out of it for our files. Thank you soooo … much. And your timing is impeccable: The grammar is in the Lincoln Bicentennial exhibit [now open] at the library.

Clark Evans

Senior Reference Librarian, Special Collections

Library of Congress

Washington, D.C.

Aw, Shucks

I was an exhibitor at Codex in Berkeley [where] I had the great pleasure of meeting and talking to Ann Loftin. I congratulate you on having employed so curious and intelligent a person as Ann to cover book events like Codex. So often we who make books are faced with gibbering cretins who see anything with more than a sentence on the page as a “classic” and view any book produced by hand as “quaint.” Ann has the gift of looking before she talks, and of asking good questions when the time is right.

Crispin Elsted
Barbarian Press
British Columbia, Canada

I would like to thank Ann Loftin for her perceptive coverage of the exciting bibliosphere in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was uplifting to see so many artists and collectors and booksellers and printers and bookbinders and papermakers and poets all jammed into so many happy places … especially the generous parties and feasts, private dinners at Chez Panisse, and bar hopping and bowling (a French contingent from Paris went bowling with one of the young CODEX volunteers after the extremely happy closing dinner).

Peter Koch
The Codex Foundation
Berkeley, Ca.